Metal Roofing Melbourne

Looking for a durable roof that can last for years? Then Metal roof is the right choice for your home.

Your home deserves a strong roof that can withstand all the weather conditions for decades while enhancing the look of your home. Metal roofs are much more durable and last for years by protecting your roof from harsh weather conditions such as rains, hot sun and heavy winds, unlike old roofs which frequently rust and leak. It is thermally efficient and easily insulates, cutting down on your electricity bills. It comes in a variety of colours and shapes helping you choose the one that best suits your home. Metal roofing is the best choice to go with as it comes with great warranty periods.

Metal Roofing Melbourne

At Premier Silver Roofing we specialise in metal roofing. Our team can replace or restore your roof with a brand new roof for your home. Our team of experts deliver outstanding services worth every penny. Using superior quality materials and equipment, we modify your roof as per your desires and colours of your choice while protecting it.

Metal Roofing MelbourneOur professionals can work on all types of roofs such as:

  • Solar tiles
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Metal roofs
  • Stone-coated steel
  • Slate roofs
  • Rubber slate
  • Clay and concrete tiles
  • Green roofs

We recommend you to go with metal or colorbond metal because they not only enhance the look but also give the value to your home. They normally last for more than two decades being in good condition. If you are looking for a strong roof to replace your present weathered or broken roof then we can easily replace it with a brand new metal roof at a reasonable price.

If you find any damages in your roof such as cracked tiles, broken, rusted and weathered tiles, water leaks and water pools, moss, mold and lichen build-up, roof shrinkages, weathered roof bedding, porous roofs, etc. you can contact Premier Silver Roofing for inspection of your roof for better guidance. We check the condition of your roof and determine if your roof is repairable or if it needs a complete replacement. Do not ignore your damaged roof, if you do so you are putting your home at risk. Repair or replace your roof immediately to prevent it from serious issues.

Metal Roofing Melbourne

We provide a high-quality metal roofing in a wide range that best matches your desires and your home.

Galvanised Steel: This steel comes with zinc plating. This was used in olden days and is rarely used now. We recommend this metal only if you want your roof to be replaced with the same metal used earlier.

Zincalume Steel: This is a zinc and aluminium plated steel and advanced version of galvanised steel. Zincalume resists corrosion, abrasion and rust, it looks modern compared to galvanised steel. It can withstand all weather conditions and lasts longer.

Colorbond Steel: It is durable, versatile and light in weight that best matches your needs. It is also a zinc and aluminium plated steel but coated with powder for a long-lasting colour finish and it also increases it?s lifespan for almost a century. It is now being installed on most of the houses because of the many benefits it provides.

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