Asbestos Roof Removal Melbourne

Want your asbestos roof removed by a trustworthy company? Then here we are to help you!

Our team of experts can remove your old asbestos roof and install a brand-new roof ensuring the safety of you and your family. We set your safety as our priority. Our professionals replace the roof in your choice of colour and roofing material, of which the most popular is Colorbond. Contact us to get your asbestos roof removed or to get a brand-new roof installed quickly but with proper care. At (ABC Company), we provide professional and licensed asbestos removal and disposal services in Melbourne.

What is Asbestos Roof?

Asbestos is a highly toxic natural mineral fibre that is hazardous and dangerous. These fibres can cause serious, life-threatening health issues if airborne because the main way that asbestos can enter the body is through inhalation. The fibres of asbestos are carcinogenic and are extremely dangerous to your health.

Why Should You Remove It?

As time passes, asbestos roofs become brittle, more hazardous and worsen on exposure to the sun, hails and rains. When your asbestos roof gets damaged or disrupted by cutting, breaking, drilling or by fire, the fibres of asbestos sheet spread and pollute the surrounding air, putting your and your family?s health at risk. You must immediately take an action i.e removal of asbestos, to stop the spread of asbestos fibres in the air.

Removal and Replacement of Asbestos Roof in Melbourne

Asbestos Roof Removal MelbourneAsbestos roofs cannot be repaired. If your asbestos roof is damaged and requires maintenance, the only option is to replace it with a new roof. If you observe any damages on your asbestos roof or any asbestos in your home, you should immediately get your roof inspected by the experts to know its condition.

Removing asbestos roof is not a simple procedure rather it is a complex and delicate process which requires highly-experienced technicians. If not done correctly and by licensed professionals, the process of removing asbestos roof may become expensive to you. Our team of professionals will fulfil the requirements set by the Australian Work Health and Safety Act, that can assure you a safe and efficient work site.

Why choose Premier Silver Roofing ?

Our team has the skills and experience to remove the asbestos roof safely. Be it asbestos roof removal, disposal or safety measures, asbestos flue, asbestos wall or any asbestos structure/cladding in your home, we can guarantee you that our skilful technicians do their work seamlessly and effectively. We use advanced techniques to deliver the best-quality asbestos roof removal services all-over Melbourne at a budget-friendly price.

Upon completion of work with asbestos removal and disposal, all our customers will be provided with an Asbestos Clearance Certificate. This states that asbestos is safely removed from the property and there are no asbestos remnants left and this permits you to install a brand-new roof on your property. According to law, all the commercial properties should have an inspection done and should have a certificate proving no remnants of asbestos left in the building.

Let our asbestos removing experts handle this hazardous and dangerous task. We take proper care and safety measures to provide you safe and secure removal and disposal of your asbestos from the roof. If you need any kind of assistance in roof refurbishment or maintenance, replacing, adding an extension or partial or total demolition of a building containing asbestos, contact us, our specialists are always there to help you.

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