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If your roof is damaged or you’ve noticed leaks then don’t wait to get in touch. This is an emergency service that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible, otherwise, the roof may be the least of your concern.

Tired of seeing the same roof over your house every day? When your visitors arrived, that’s the first thing they’ll notice. We offer roof installation services, where we’ll completely replace your current roof with a new one to your liking.

Gutters getting blocked is a common problem in Melbourne. If left blocked as they are, overtime they can rust or get damaged, causing water to drain in the wrong areas causing damage to your house.
We will assist you in modifying your house to your desired home with budget-friendly roof painting. Experience our swift and exceptional services with advanced equipment, and superior quality roof painting in Melbourne, Australia.
Restore the appearance of your roof. We provide affordable and reliable cost effective Tile, Commercial, Colorbond Roof Cleaning services across Melbourne.
Colorbond steel roof has become a popular roofing material in Australia because of its many benefits, one of the strongest and durable roofs available in Melbourne lasting upto 70 years

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Your roof is one of the most important structural part of your home. If it isn’t looked after then it can lead to several new problems down the road. Getting roof restoration in Melbourne is not only a smart decision financially, but also aesthetically pleasing. Another commonly known fact is that roof restorations are great to increasing the value of your Melbourne home. If your roof is not in good shape, then your prospective buyers may notice this and end up being a big let down. Don’t take the risk and get in touch with us for any one of our restoration roof services in Melbourne. Whether you’re looking for roof restoration, roof replacement or roof repairs, we’re the ones to call.

Unfortunately no. We need to take measurements, you need to choose the type of tiles, colours and pricing can even fluctuate based on the season that we’re conducting the restoration roof. Best to contact us first and book an inspection. Whether you’re opting for colorbond roof restoration in Melbourne or roof replacement or repairs roof services. All of these factors can affect the cost of the project and we always give the most accurate and transparent quote so our customers are well informed.

We service throughout Victoria, although we are based near South Eastern Melbourne. Give us a call and we’ll come over for a full inspection. Our vans are well equipped and ready to arrive at your Melbourne home at any time for roof restorations, contact us today for a free quote!

When it comes to any house renovation project, the roof is mostly ignored, yet remains one of the most important areas of the house. One of the first things that people notice about a house is the quality of one’s roof. There are many reasons for investing in a proper roof restoration service, one of those is that roof that’s damaged can lead to numerous structural problems down the line.

A leaky roof can lead to corrosion of pipes, ceiling and other areas connecting the roof to the rest of your house. Whether it be hail storms, heavy rainy days or piercing heat in the summer months. Considering that your roof is responsible for shielding your house from most of what nature throws your way, it’s probably the first place to restore when looking to improve your home.

At Melbourne Roof Restoration, our team of expert roofers, plumbers and carpenters are some of the best in the industry. With over 10 years, we work to provide our customers with the best advice, quality of material and smooth servicing process as possible. Just read our rave reviews from past customers who’ve had their roof completely transformed by our team.

Our mission and work culture is built around Aussie values. We always look for ways to go above and beyond for our customers. When it comes to our roof restoration services, we provide a range of roofing solutions. Everything from roof repairs to painting and gutters. We also work with various types of roofing materials such as colorbond roof, metal roof, tile roofing including slate. If you’re interested in working with us, give us a call for a free quote for your new roof.

After we’ve installed your new roof, we’ll even take away the broken tiles. If you’re  looking for roofing repairs then that’s something we offer as part of our roof restore process. No matter what the job our roofing repair and restoration roof services are #1 in the industry. Our team is highly renowned for providing the best roofing restoration service in Melbourne.


For over 10 years, we’ve been providing high quality roof restoration services to Melbournians. Our team of capable roofing contractors are some of the best in the industry. We only use the best quality tiles, our vans are well equiped and we’re insured so you can be stress free.

We’re located in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, although our services reach far and wide. No matter where you’re located, our roofing contractors can help get your roof in the best shape possible. We provide services from roof restorations, roof replacement, repairs and roof painting. We can work with a variety of different roof restoration styles such as colorbond roof, metal roofing, tile roofs and more. Contact us for a full rundown about our roof restoration services in Melbourne.